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Mark Baldwin is an experienced architect, designer, developer and manager in the video and computer game industry.    He has 20 years experience in the industry with over 25 retail software products to his credit, including 'Game of the Year'.   Mark has been Vice President of Development for Moto1 and Quantum Quality Productions, and President of White Wolf Productions.


What can Mark Baldwin and Baldwin Consulting provide for you?


  • Skilled in the design and development of retail, commercial and entertainment software.  Experienced in the full software development and project management lifecycles from initial concept through delivery.

  • Expertise in all aspects of the game development process.

  • Creative guidance and collaborative help in all aspects of game development.

  • Project management resources and analysis developed specifically for the unique industry of computer and video game development.

  • Code development in artificial intelligence and modeling/simulations.

  • Integration with working teams to complete crucial projects.

  • Original designs and/or development of your designs.

  • Design documents, design assistance and design reviews.

  • Design and development analysis.

  • Educator and teacher active in development of undergraduate and graduate programs and curriculums for new technologies in computer entertainment, games and software engineering and development.

  • Expert Witness in the computer and video game industry, game design and game development.



Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you and your company consulting and design services.

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